30 junho 2005


Mental, verbal communication is illusive and inaccessible to the emotions. Sound itself, however, speaks to the emotions. Chanting divine mantras is a very effective way to relate to our emotional body. It is actually an advantage that our rational mind does not compute the meaning of the mantra sounds. When we can bypass the rational mind, we can move into direct relationship with our emotional energy.

Our emotional body defines the quality of our space. The quality of our space determines what and how we manifest. That is why we can repeat affirmations forever and not change a thing. That is also why we can speak the truth resonating in divine mantras and still not be able to act from that truth. To be able to act from our truth, our mind and emotions have to be aligned and congruent. We have to feel the vibration of the mantras in our physical body to impact the emotional body. We have to chant with heartfelt feelings, not just mental intention.

It is the emotional intensity, awareness and engagement that penetrates the emotional body and causes a shift in emotional programming. There are many musical versions of mantra meditations. The important thing is to choose a version that lights your emotional fire. It is the activation of the emotional fire that creates deep transformation. It is through our emotional body that we touch our soul.


We open our inner space in our mind. We color our inner space with our emotions. We expand our space with our heart. This all sounds good, but how do we clear the thoughts and the confusion enough to create a space that both supports us and that we can enjoy? The practice of Kundalini yoga is a powerful tool for aligning our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Mantra meditation infuses our space with attributes of the Infinite. Gong meditation, i.e. listening to the sound of the gong * (3) is a powerful tool for dispersing thoughts, nurturing the emotions and opening the space for the mind, body and emotions to vibrate as one.

It is wonderful to listen to the gong, Tibetean bowls, or the pure sound of other soothing instruments at the end of your KY practice and meditation. Let yourself be absorbed into the purity of the sounds. When the actual performance or the gong CD * (3) is finished, sit silently and simply listen and feel the vibration in your physical and emotional bodies. Use the special moments after each exercise and meditation and at the end of your practice to savor your space. Enjoy it. Then consolidate your space by being present to every sensation in your awareness all at once.

(3) There are two wonderful gong CDs available from Yoga Technology - Song of the Sacred Gong and Sound of the Gong. "

From the #106 New Millennium Being newsletter http://www.yogatech.com/nmb/

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