30 dezembro 2005

3HO New Year's Eve Global Meditation

Recebi hoje esta meditação que tambem podem consultar online em http://www.3ho.org/NewYearMed.html e partilho com todos vós.

3HO New Year's Eve Global Meditation

Sat Nam Beloved Global Community,

We invite you and your community to participate in a Worldwide New Year's Eve Meditation to individually and collectively acknowledge the blessings of 2005 and welcome 2006. Let us join together and meditate as one to harness the energy of this Winter Solstice season and set our intentions for the New Year. Below is a beautiful meditation that Gurucharan Singh, Director of Training for the Kundalini Research Institute, selected to specifically serve us in these times.

As we are transitioning from 2005 -2006, numerologically we are moving from a 7 (aura) to an 8 (pranic body). This portrays the need for expansion and total correlation of each action between both our finite and infinite sense of self. We are seeing great changes within our 3HO/Sikh Dharma communities and great changes around the world. We need both energetic balance and wide connection to each other. To equip you for this time, this meditation will develop your aura and your intuitive sense. It will connect you to the flow of the world through the strength of your arcline and circumvent field.

Let's be the radiance and energy that gives hope, help, and healing to all.

Recommended amount of time for the meditation is 11 - 31 minutes

Yoga Gems Meditations for the New Millennium 2001

26 dezembro 2005

Feliz 2006

Olá a todos.

Juntos fizemos uma meditação muito bonita no dia do solsticio, parando um pouco para pensar nesta época de recolhimento e de escuridão, parte do ciclo necessário ao desabrochar que se segue.

Desejo a todos força e serenidade para continuar a viver a vida duma forma plena.

Bom 2006!