14 janeiro 2011

Metáfora do Facebook, interessante

E porque quando vejo algo delicioso gosto de partilhar, aqui vai.
Os que acham que não o Ingles não faz parte dos seus conhecimentos, permitam-se ler que pode ser que se surpreendam ;-)

"6 Ways to Click the ‘Like’ Button in Life

Facebook is an amazing metaphor for how we create reality. The posts, links and statuses that receive the most ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ rise to the top of our news feed. The other stuff simply disappears or drops to the bottom. The news feed represents our consciousness and the ‘like’ button is our attention.

There is a Universal Law that states what you focus on expands. So, we each create our own reality with the thoughts, emotions and actions we ‘like’ or pay attention to. The news feed is like the constant generation of thoughts from our mind – we choose what we pay attention to and give it life by our attention.

In the Aquarian Age, we are also learning that we all contribute to the creation of the world we see around us. The long held belief that we are victims and life is just happening to us is coming to an end.

The world we see around us is simply a reflection of what is already inside of us. Yes, you may not be directly participating in war, shooting people or inflicting pain on others but you may still be contributing to this reality on a smaller scale. (...)"

e o resto podem ler
Sat nam :-)

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